Najat Haddouch

I play a meaningful role in Muslim women’s health, self-reliance, and independence.

Unlike other hijama practices, we combine medical knowledge with authentic hijama expertise.

Online Hijama Course

Complete the entire programme at your own speed and become a hijama and cupping expert.
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Wellness Retreat

It’s wonderful to spend a mid-week working on your health in a unique, energetic environment in Morocco.
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Hijama VIP Treatment

Personal VIP treatment for body and mind.
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Here you can find free e-books offering valuable tips, and books I have written about health and about hijama and cupping.
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Public Speaking

Let Najat inspire you Book Najat for your next event.
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Fallopi Clean

Falopi Clean – for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child.
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I believe that Allah has charged me to play a meaningful role in people’s lives, and especially in women’s health and self-reliance.

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