Wellness Retreat

Enjoy a wonderful mid-week in Morocco and relax in this unique and energizing environment.

If you want to:

  • relax and detox completely
  • cleanse your body, inside and out
  • make a personal breakthrough
  • remove mental blocks
  • reduce stress and live more healthily
  • have a positive effect on yourself and the world around you…

Come to the Najat VIP retreat!

The VIP retreat gives you the chance to escape and go on retreat in Morocco, where you can relax fully. You’ll spend four delicious days in a riad – a desert hotel – in Marrakech, where you can experience complete relaxation.

This is only for women, of course, so you will always feel entirely at ease. During your wellness retreat, you will have your own lovely room. The stay includes a hamam, bathing pool, massages, group activities, a detox programme, and much more.

Thereafter, we will serve you a delicious lunch and supper, giving you the opportunity to spend time with your new sisters.

This is much more than a holiday.


You will take part in workshops describing the Islamic theory of medicine and way of life.

  • Join in a collective prayer healing.
  • Enjoy only healthy food during your stay.
  • Learn more about yourself, your body, and your health.
  • Learn all about nutrition and diet.
  • Learn how to live more healthily.
  • Experience a personal breakthrough meeting.


But your experience does not end after this four-day retreat. It is just the beginning of your new adventure.


Plan to re-enter the world with renewed energy and a personal plan to take on your life challenges. You will now be able to achieve your aims and transform your life.

Personal development

  • You will become a better person.
  • You will gain new insights and new energy.
  • You can go about achieving your goals in life.
  • You will gain inspiration.
  • You will take greater pleasure in your encounters with other people.
  • Your family will be happier.
  • You will find yourself capable of making difficult decisions and taking important steps.
  • You will be much more aware of what you want.
  • You will dare to put yourself first.
  • You will have the insight and energy to give substance to the life you want.


  • Create greater balance in your life.
  • Achieve your goals with renewed energy.
  • Return with a healthier lifestyle.
  • Gain the energy to work on your life goals.

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